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Meta's AI Ambitions A New Frontier in Digital Marketing

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Meta is making waves in the AI industry with its ambitious plans to develop a new Language Learning Model (LLM) that could rival OpenAI's GPT systems. According to The Wall Street Journal, this new AI system aims to bring Meta at par with other leaders in the generative AI race. The system will be an extension of Meta's existing Llama models and is expected to offer sophisticated text analysis and other outputs.

AI generated picture of Mark Zuckerberg

Why is Meta Venturing into AI?

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, has been reportedly "obsessed" with AI, particularly after the success of ChatGPT. This fascination has led to a shift in Meta's focus, reducing its emphasis on the metaverse, its long-term VR project. Generative AI offers new opportunities, and Meta is well-positioned to leverage its extensive databanks and resources for this venture.

The Hardware Behind the Ambition

Meta is also in the process of acquiring more Nvidia H100 chips to power its AI projects. Given the high demand and limited supply of these chips, the company with the most chips has a better chance of leading in AI development. Earlier this year, Elon Musk purchased 10,000 GPUs for his generative AI project, indicating the competitive landscape.

What Does This Mean for Digital Marketing?

Meta's foray into AI is not just a technological leap but also a strategic move in digital marketing. The company is already experimenting with AI-powered elements like visual creation tools and an Instagram chatbot. With a more advanced AI system, Meta aims to enhance user experiences and improve ad targeting and creation processes.

The Future

Meta plans to start training its new AI system in early 2024. Although there is no public release timeline yet, the move signifies Meta's commitment to AI and its potential impact on digital marketing strategies.

For businesses and digital marketing agencies like Ad Value, this development opens up new avenues for leveraging AI in advertising campaigns and customer engagement. Stay tuned as we closely monitor how Meta's AI ambitions unfold and what it means for the industry.

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