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The video campaign produced by Ad Value for Talabat Egypt in partnership with Shahid garnered exceptional results. The creative concept resonated with the target audience, resulting in widespread recognition and positive feedback from viewers.

The campaign's impact was further amplified by influential personalities within the digital sphere, who recognized and shared the video across their social media channels. The organic reach generated by these influencers extended the campaign's visibility beyond initial expectations, leading to increased engagement and interest.

Additionally, the promotion of a one-month free subscription to Shahid through Talabat witnessed a massive response from the audience. The combination of convenience in food delivery and access to popular TV shows and dramas resonated strongly with consumers, resulting in a high redemption rate for the offer.

Overall, the Talabat Egypt x Shahid campaign successfully achieved its objectives by effectively blending creativity, relatability, and the value proposition of both brands. The collaboration between Talabat and Shahid, coupled with the innovative concept developed by Ad Value, resulted in a compelling video campaign that captured the attention of the target audience and drove significant engagement and redemptions.


Ad Value, the creative and production agency, delved into the insights of Egyptian viewers' habits, specifically the tendency to watch TV shows or dramas while enjoying a meal. Leveraging this knowledge, the agency developed the concept: "Leave the drama to Shahid and the food to Talabat."

The video campaign started with a relatable and seemingly normal situation between a couple who were hungry and indecisive about what to order for food. As the tension built up, the atmosphere suddenly shifted, and one of the couple members began to act in an exaggerated, over-the-top, and dramatic way. The exaggerated behavior highlighted the unnecessary drama that can arise when making food choices.

At the peak of the exaggerated performance, the voiceover (VO) intervened, asking why all the drama? The VO then advised the couple to "leave the drama to Shahid" and emphasized that Talabat was there to handle the food-related decision-making process. This simple and catchy phrase tied together the partnership between Talabat and Shahid while effectively conveying the campaign's message.

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