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Ad Value's video campaign achieved remarkable success, garnering recognition from Egypt's Ministry of Social Security. The emotionally charged commercials struck a chord with the Egyptian audience, effectively evoking empathy and sympathy for the cause of Juvenile Justice. By focusing on authentic stories and concealing the juveniles' faces, Ad Value successfully humanized the issue and encouraged viewers to connect with the experiences of these young individuals.

The campaign not only raised public awareness about Juvenile Justice but also sparked meaningful discussions and inspired action towards reform and support for juveniles in Egypt's criminal justice system. Ad Value's creative approach proved that truthful storytelling has the power to reshape perceptions and drive positive change within society


Ad Value's solution involved capturing the essence of truth and authenticity in their creative concepts. They listened to genuine stories from juveniles and discovered a compelling insight: the recurrent phrase "don't show me your face again" was deeply impactful. Building on this insight, they developed a unique shooting setup that showcased the production process and equipment, cleverly avoiding direct displays of the juveniles' faces. A carefully composed soundtrack further enhanced the emotional impact of the video.

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